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Why Calibrate my Display

What is Video Calibration and why should I have my display calibrated?

High-definition displays like modern HDTV's and front projectors are wonders of modern technology, designed to provide you with years of enjoyment. Manufacturers of these high-definition devices work very hard to make a product that has the potential to provide you with a superb picture and is affordable at the same time.

Unfortunately, your new HDTV or projector is not optimized to give you the best picture when it comes from the factory (out of the box) because TV manufacturers can't possibly know how you will be using your HDTV, or where or when you'll be viewing your display.

Calibration is professional optimization of your entire home theater system, in the location where you'll be enjoying it and with your own equipment connected to it.  As a Certified ISF Calibrator, I have the experience and the right equipment to ensure that the picture you see on your HDTV or Projector Screen is the absolute best it can be!

Simply put, professional ISF calibration will bring the theater experience home to you!

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